Wednesday, 24 February, 2021

Farm Business Web Design

The website is owned and operated by NCW-Online a small web services company based in Wenatchee WA. NCW stands for North Central Washington - where we live.

We specialize in low cost high value Business Web Design and hosting.

We build Small Business Web sites for any industry.

We are down to earth straight forward business people, we do not over sell or try to talk you into something you don't need in order to inflate the price.

We build professional Business Web Sites from $200.00 to $600.00

You may regard this as a low price range for this industry, you are correct. We provide value for what you get not low quality. This means you get a good deal and a great Web Site not a low end site.

We also do web hosting, this means your web site will be on our servers.

Prices for Business Web Hosting are 15.00 pre month. For this you get your site placed on fast top quality servers and you get access to us any time for tech support.

Working on your site at 10:00 PM and need help? We are there for you when you need us - call right then and get the help you need. We are on-call at all times for our customers.

Our web site -

Here is a recent example of our work -

We are available by phone now - call us at 509-663-1124

The reason we built this website.

Old style online Hay Sales and Farm classified ad systems are hard to use and difficult to browse the ads/listings. Some times they don't even show any listings unless you fill in a search box and do a search.

This concept is wrong. We feel you should always be able to see the listings with a few clicks.  We believe these old style websites limit the acceptance and use of online classified ad systems by most people who use the internet.

This website was built to be simple and easy to use for browsing the listings and easy to use when posting an ad.

Posting an ad at is very simple and no pre-registration is required.

If you would like to know more about the ad posting procedure click here.

If you have suggestions, ideas or comments on how we can improve this website please contact us. We are always interested in speaking with our website visitors.

Phone: 509-663-1124

Email: ncwonline(at) - replace the (at) with @ befor sending.